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        Shanghai industrial park

        Shanghai kaiquan pump (group) co., LTD. Is a large-scale comprehensive pump company integrating design, production and sales of pump/water supply equipment/pump control equipment.

        Kaiquan products cover construction, municipal, electric power, petroleum, chemical, mining, nuclear power dozens of categories, nearly 100 series.Annual sales of nearly 3 billion yuan, consecutive years ranked first in the national pump industry sales.

        Kaiquan group has more than 500 engineering and technical personnel, mainly composed of well-known pump experts and professors, doctors and masters, middle and senior engineers, forming a echelon talent structure with innovative thinking.

        Kaiquan group attaches great importance to the combination of service and technology, service and business, to achieve value-added services, 300 technical support engineers to provide customers with professional and all-round program support.Use the advanced CRM system, ERP system and e-commerce system to respond to the needs of users quickly, control the whole process from pre-sale, sale to after-sale, implement standardized process management, and provide customers with a full range of professional program support.

        Address: No. 4255, Caoan Road. Jiading District , Shanghai.   Tel: +86-4000026600

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