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        Hefei industrial park

        Brief introduction of Hefei industrial park

        Hefei kaiquan electric motor pump co., LTD., formerly hefei sanyi electric motor pump co., LTD., is a specialized manufacturer of electric motor and submersible electric pump appointed by the ministry of machinery industry.In 2008, Shanghai kaiquan pump industry (group) co., ltd. purchased it and established hefei kaiquan motor & electric pump co., ltd. and built it into a private high-tech enterprise.

        At present, Hefei kaiquan electric motor & pump co., ltd. covers an area of 270,000 square meters, with a productive building area of 230,000 square meters and a total investment of 1 billion yuan. In 2011, the first phase of the expansion project was completed and put into use.At present, the company has more than 800 employees, including 78 engineers, 16 senior engineers and 3 experts with national government subsidies.Hefei production base has advanced design, test and testing equipment for motors and pumps, and its hydraulic experiment station is the largest hydraulic experiment station in Asia.

        At present, Hefei kaiquan electric motor pump co., ltd. is the main production base of the group submersible pump. The main products include submersible sewage pump, submersible shaft mixed flow pump, mining submersible pump and submersible pump high and low pressure submersible motor, etc. The products are widely used in municipal, water conservancy, mining and other fields, and are well received by customers at home and abroad.

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