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        WQ Submersible Sewage Pump

        WQ Submersible Sewage Pump

        Capacity Range:  25m3/h-10000m3/h  

        Head Range:          Up to 80 m 

        Discharge Diameter: 65mm-1000mm

        Motor Power:11kW-630kW

        Medium Temperature: ≤ 40℃

        Voltage:380V、660V、3KV  6KV、10KV 

        Frequency: 50Hz

        Protection Grade:IP68

        Insulation Class:H 

        Motor Type:Dry type fully enclosed submersible three-phase asynchronous motor  


        1)Sewage treatment plant

        2)Municipal sewage pumping station

        3)Water plant

        4)Water conservancy irrigation

        5)Water diversion project

        6)Integrated pumping station

        7)Solid and long fiber sewage, wastewater, rainwater distribution

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