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        KQSN Double Suction Pump

        KQSN Double Suction Pump

        Capacity Range: 68m3/h-30000m3/h  

        Head Range: Up to 306 m 

        Suction Diameter:150mm-1600mm

        Motor Power:30kW-3150kW

        Medium Temperature: -10℃~120℃

        Voltage:380V、660V、3KV  6KV、10KV

        Frequency: 50Hz

        Protection Grade:IP23、 IP55

        Insulation Class:F 


        1) Water plants and urban water supply projects

        2) Irrigation of water conservancy and farmland, especially small and medium-sized  diversion irrigation projects

        3) Double suction pump for steel works and metallurgical steel works

        4) Power plants and power stations

        5) Petrochemical plants and oil fields

        6) Paper mill, sugar mill, winery, chemical fiber plant, chemical plant and other industrial  and mining enterprises:

        7) Fire protection system for large-scale factories, mines, airports and other occasions

        8) Central air-conditioning system: freezing water pump, cooling water pump, supplementary water pump, etc

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